Austrailian Saltbush

Atriplex semibaccata



Austrailian Saltbush is an introduced perennial found in the far western portion of the state. It has many branches that generally lay down, are woody at the base, and reach 3 feet in length. The young branches are wiry, hairless, green or straw colored, and smooth. The mature branches are gray and rough near the base.

The plant has many oblong, alternating leaves, the lengths of which vary from .5 to 2 inches long. The bases are wedge shaped and the edges of the leaves are toothed. The top surface of the leaves are hairless and the bottom is whitish and rough.

Austrailian Saltbush is occasionally grazed by cattle, sheep, horses, and hogs and is rich in protein.


Austrailian Saltbush grows in most soil types and escaped cultivation along irrigation canals and sandy fields where it was used in erosion control.