Paspalum notatum



This bunchgrass has erect stems that grow from thick, scaly, horizontal rhizomes that grow on the soil surface. Leaves are mostly basal and stiff, flat or folded, and usually hairless. The seed head usually has two spike-like branches (it can have up to seven), 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches long, paired at the tip of the stem, one slightly below the other. Spikelets are smooth and shiny. An important hay and pasture grass in southeast Texas.

Fair grazing for livestock. Poor grazing for wildlife.

Bahiagrass is a Perennial, warm-season, introduced - 6 to 24 inches tall.


Because it has excellent seed production and spreading rhizomes, it can easily invade natural and disturbed sites. Native to Mexico and Central and South America.