Bigelow shinoak, Scalybark oak, White shinoak

Quercus durandii Buckl. var. breviloba (Torr.) Palmer

Fagaceae (Beech family)


Bigelow shinoak is commonly referred to as shin oak or scrub oak because of its multi-stemmed growth habitat forming dense thickets about 10 to 12 feet tall. It is a member of the Beech family and one of the deciduous oaks.

The leaves are located alternately along the stem and vary greatly in shape and size. They have few to many lobes and usually are broadest above the middle of the leaf.

The bark is gray and rough, flaking off in strips. Young twigs tend to be greenish gray or brown. Acorns are usually solitary or in clusters of two or three on short stems.

The forage value of this plant is poor for cattle, but it is grazed occasionally by goats and deer.


Bigelow shinoak is found on dry, limestone hills of Central Texas.