Blackjack oak

Quercus marilandica Muenchh.

Fagaceae (Beech family)


This large hardwood tree is a perennial, warm-season native with bark that is nearly black, very rough and arranged in ridges on the trunk. It is a member of the Beech family.

The leaves are scalloped with short, white hairs on top and brownish fuzz underneath. The leaves have three to five lobes, each with a short bristle on the tip.

Blackjack oak provides fair grazing for wildlife. For livestock, it is poisonous and provides poor grazing.


Blackjack oak prefers slightly to very acidic sand, sandy loam and clay soils in Central and East Texas. In the western region of its boundaries, it may grow on gravelly clay soils. It is commonly associated with mesquite and juniper or other species of oak trees.