Desert yaupon

Schaefferia cuneifolia



Desert yaupon is a native, warm-season shrub ranging from 3 to 6 feet tall and has a smooth, grey stem. Its pale green, tear drop shaped leaves remain on the plant throughout most of the year, are clustered, and alternating.

The shrub's inconspicuous flowers are tiny and greenish. It's small roundish berries grow close to the stem and are orange to bright red making them far more obvious than the flowers.

Desert yaupon has a poor grazing value for cattle and fair value to wildlife. It is occasionally browsed by white-tailed deer and provides some forage for sheep, goats, and cattle. Its berries are commonly consumed by birds, rats, and coyotes.


Desert yaupon is found on various soil types throughout the western part of south Texas, but tends to prefer rocky hillsides and heavier soils.