King Ranch bluestem

Bothriochloa ischaemum var. songarica



Bunchgrass with stems arising from an almost flat crown. The light green stems turn up and branch freely. Stems turn a straw color when mature. Leaves are thicker near the collar and the upper surface is covered with long, silky hairs. The stems are naked at the top. Each stem produces a loose, terminal seed head that is usually purplish. Both the sterile and fertile spikelets have slender, twisted, bent awns, and the branches have fine, silky hairs.

King Ranch bluestem is a perennial, warm-season, introduced - 18 to 48 inches tall.

Fair grazing for both livestock and wildlife.


This grass was often seeded on degraded rangelands for soil and water conservation, and is now common along roadsides throughout Texas. Native to southern and central Europe and Asia.