Kleberg Bluestem Inflorescence

Kleberg Bluestem

Dichanthium annulatum



Kleberg Bluestem is an introduced, invasive grass native to southern Asia and North Africa. It is stoloniferous, with stems prostrate, ascending, or erect to about a meter. Leaf blades can be up to 15 cm but only 3-5 mm wide. Nodes have a ring of white hairs. The inflorescence is silvery purple comprised of the main stem with 2-15 branches with numerous pairs of spikelets on each branch. This grass is characterized by a high density of reproductive shoots. Kleberg Bluestem is a fast grower and matures quickly.     If a plant escapes cultivation, it can invade and outcompete native grasses. It is a prolific seed producer that goes to seed in the summer, and seeds are readily transported by the wind. Provides poor grazing for livestock and wildlife. 


Aggressive invader that can grow in dry to moist environments; it is particularly able to grow in harsh and disturbed sites.  It can grow in areas with long dry seasons, in a wide variety of soil types, and tolerate poor drainage, salinity, and burns. It thrives under grazing conditions and requires full sunlight. It has a low tolerance to acidic soils and high tolerance to drought and cold conditions.