Mohrs shin oak

Quercus mohriana Buckl. ex Rydb.

Fagaceae (Beech family)


A shrubby oak in the Beech family, Mohrs shin oak usually grows as a short, thicket-forming shrub, seldom to tree form. The bark is grayish brown and is deeply furrowed on older stems.

The leaves are located alternately along the stems and are persistent (remaining attached beyond the usual time). Their oblong shape ends abruptly in a point. Although some leaves may have a few rounded lobes, most are not lobed. The acorns are borne annually on densely hairy peduncles (stalks that each bear one flower or fruit).

The acorns and young leaves of this shrub are toxic to grazing livestock, but the shrub provides good forage for browsing wildlife.


Mohrs shin oak is found on dry, well-drained limestone soils of west-central Texas.