Narrowleaf Goldaster , Stiffleaf False Goldenaster, Sticky Granite-daisy

Heterotheca stenophylla (A. Gray) Shinners

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)


Stiffleaf False Goldenaster is a perennial, deep tap-rooted, herbaceous plant of the sunflower family growing 4 to 16 inches or 10 to 40 cm tall. Plants can reach up to 65 cm and are sometimes spread by rhizomes, creating clumps. Stems are ascending to erect, brown to reddish or dark brown, and may become moderately hairy. Leaves are typically narrow, linear, and mostly basal. Leaves are also ascending, alternate, bristly pubescent, entire, with acute apices, and have flat margins. Stiffleaf False Goldenaster has small yellow flowers with prominent ray flowers. Blooming occurs from May through October. There are 10 to 24, up to 36, ray florets and 23 to 55, low of 12 and up to 70, disk florets. Ray florets are pistillate, yellow, with ligules of ⅛ to ⅗ inch, and are typically fertile. Disk florets have yellow corollas, are tubular in shape, and have 5 lobes. The flower throats are glabrous, and the lobes are sparsely pilose (hairy).     There are two varieties of Heterotheca stenophylla that differ in gland and hair density, with overlapping ranges, and have hybrids that occur throughout their distribution.  


It can be found in sandy soils throughout the Central region of Texas. Native habitats include rocky, gravelly, or sandy mixed-grass sites and prairies.