Threadleaf Sagewort, Common Sagewort

Artemisia campestris

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)


Threadleaf Sagewort is an upright biennial in the Sunflower Family reaching up to 5 ft or 1.5 m in height. Its multiple ridged, green or dark red stems are covered with leafy branches on their upper halves.  Its basal leaves are long (up to 10 cm and a few mm wide) with petioles and are sometimes divided into three thread-like segments. The leaves become less divided and smaller as you go up the stem. In the first year's growth, the leaves are blue-green and deeply lobed. Sagewort has an inflorescence of many small inconspicuous flowerheads in a narrow panicle with erect round flowers on short stalks from August to September. The next year, the seeds will mature in October.  It lacks the strong odor that tends to characterize Artemisia species.  There are three recognized subspecies. 


Threadleaf Sagewort is a common native in pastures and rangelands, along ditches, and near roads. It prefers open places and sandy soils. In this environment, it provides cover to small desert animals and provides browse for wildlife and livestock.