Upright prairie coneflower

Ratibida columnifera (Nutt.) Woot. & Stndl.

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)


Upright prairie coneflower is a native, warm-season perennial in the Sunflower family. Also called Mexican hat, it is a common weed and wildflower of roadsides, parks, vacated lands and managed pastures.

This hairy-stemmed plant reproduces from seed or short underground stems. The stems grow from 12 to 40 inches tall and branch near the top. The leaves are strongly lobed into distinct segments that are long, narrow and pointed.

The flowers are borne at the end of slender stems. Each has yellow to brownish petals and a dark brown center that can reach 1 inch long.

Upright prairie coneflower provides good grazing for wildlife and poor grazing for livestock.


This plant commonly grows along roadsides and in parks, vacated lands and managed pastures.