Willow baccharis

Baccharis salicina T. & G.

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)


Willow baccharis is a smooth shrub in the Sunflower family. A perennial, warm-season native, it has many branches and grows to 3 or more feet tall.

The leaves are long, narrow, dotted with resin and located alternately along the stems. They may be entire or sparingly indented on the margin. The leaves taper at the base and are fairly pointed at the tip.

Willow baccharis blooms in late summer and fall. The flowers occur in clusters on short flower stalks and form a single series of dull, white bristles at maturity.

This shrub provides little to no value to grazing livestock and wildlife.


Willow baccharis is found mainly in moist soils in open areas and often in disturbed areas or along roadsides.